Klei Staying Open About Don’t Starve on Vita

As Klei Entertainment prepares for PlayStation 4 release of Don't Starve, the studio thinks a Vita release is still a possibility.

When discussing a PS Vita release brought up by a Klei follower, Klei responded with no definitive answer, but an answer that gives Don't Starve on the Vita a chance.

As part of the PlayStation Plus subscription, all PlayStation 4 owners can download Don't Starve free of charge. Don't Starve supports the PlayStation Vita Remote Play, but a native version does not yet exist.

Many developers continue to port over their games to Sony's handheld. Most recently, Terraria completed its trek from PC game, to PlayStation 3 game to PlayStation Vita game. If players want to continue their save from Terraria on the PlayStation 3, the Vita version supports a Cross-Play feature.