All Valorant Streams Can Now Drop Closed Beta Access Keys

There are a few big-name titles that generate views through the means of Twitch streams. However, as of late, the biggest title that is constantly filling chats with active users is Valorant. The video game coming out from Riot Games has a lot of interest from players all around the world and while we’re waiting for the game to officially release, there is a closed beta going on right now. In order to access the closed beta, you simply have to view Twitch streamers that are playing the game.

Here’s the problem, there are a ton of viewers watching and getting a key is seemingly luck-based. However, for a good while now, there were only select Twitch streamers that could generate the keys but that has since changed. Announced through the official Valorant website, a new blog post has alerted followers that all Valorant Twitch streamers can drop closed beta access just as long as they are actively playing Valorant.

While this spreads the amount of Twitch streamers that are capable of giving the keys out, there doesn’t seem to be an increase in the number of keys that Riot Games has available. Instead, this will likely give some viewers a chance to enjoy other streamers that may be playing the game while still remaining in the pool of potential winners. Of course, that doesn’t mean there are people farming keys to sell online.

For those that are caught selling keys, you will be banned according to the blog post which has already started to happen. For those that are constantly watching, Riot Games has noted that they feel your frustration and are working hard to give players access while managing their server infrastructure.

Source: Valorant