Gamescom May Not Have A Physical Presence This Year

[Update] Gamescom has made an official statement through a Tweet confirming that this year’s event will be digital only.

Original Story…

The coronavirus health pandemic has become a real problematic issue that so many of us are dealing with all around the world. From having to refrain socializing in crowds to being quarantined at home, it’s going to take a minute before we can get back to some normalcy. At any rate, for those in areas that may not have been as problematic, you may have been eager to attend certain events. In Germany, Gamescom was seemingly still going to happen in-person along with a digital format, but that’s no longer going to be the case.

A new order was sent out in Germany that is preventing all major events from proceeding until after August 31, 2020. This is also going to hit Gamescom so it doesn’t look like there will be a physical presence available this year. After all, we’re seeing several events either get outright cancelled or postponed. E3 2020, for instance, was cancelled this year and it left several big companies that had planned to host a media presentation to pivot towards an online stream or video upload.

Gamescom may not be as big as E3, the event is still considered one of the key events throughout the year to tune into. Despite not outright canceling, it looks like there’s no choice but to proceed with the event through some type of a stream. At the moment, it doesn’t look like there is an official statement on the matter from Gamescom, but we’re sure that more details will come out soon regarding how to experience Gamescom 2020 online.

What has plenty of people talking online right now is if these events will go back to being the standard show when next year rolls around. We could see more companies take to an online presence over having to spend money to host a show that is limited to who all is available in attending.

Source: IGN