Epic Games Extends Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2, New Season Scheduled for June

Epic Games has announced the unfortunate news that Fortnite’s Chapter 2- Season 2 has been extended, with Season 3 being delayed to June.

However, there are some silver linings with this unfortunate news. In lieu of the new Season being delayed, Epic Games plans on adding “lots of new content” to the current season. Multiple game updates, new challenges, bonus XP, and a couple more surprises are in the pipeworks.

To sum everything up and eliminate any confusion, Fortnite’s Chapter 2- Season 2 will be extended past its original April 30 date, with Season 3 being slotted in June.

In related news, after waiting several weeks, we finally have the Deadpool skin and you can get it free just as long as you own the Battle Pass and complete the series of challenges. There are actually quite a few challenges you’ll need to complete as well in order to acquire the Deadpool skin. All of the past seven weeks’ worth of challenges need to have been completed along with the two new challenges that are available to go through today.

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Source: Epic Games