Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments And Close To The Sun Are Free On EGS

PC gamers have had several different digital marketplaces to purchase titles. However, arguably for the longest time, the go-to source for video game purchases on PC has been Steam. Valve’s digital marketplace not only has several features that prove to be useful or entertaining for players to go through but its also been around for years. As a result, few digital storefronts really offer a competitive service against the Valve giant.

That changed when Epic Games decided to get into the digital storefront marketplace business. With the launch of the Epic Games Store, there are plenty of reasons to jump onto the EGS. For starters, and the most controversial reason is the fact that Epic Games has been making deals with a variety of developers. This results in EGS getting exclusive rights to a title for a duration of time. While some gamers have expressed their disdain over this practice, Epic Games has offered another incentive to at least download and use the digital storefront client.

Each week, Epic Games offers a few free video game titles to claim and keep forever. These games can range from big AAA hits to indie titles, so there’s really no telling just what games will be available for free at any given week. All you would need to do is simply claim the games when they are available for free and from there they are yours to keep forever.

It’s a great incentive to at least download and makes a free account EGS just to reap the free video game titles. However, you’ll want to make sure to claim them before they are sent back to their original price point. For this week, we have Close to the Sun and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. Both act as a mystery game and during a time in the world where most of us are at home and closed off from socializing, having a couple of free video game titles each week may help keep you entertained.

Source: EGS