Microsoft Will Be Moving To Digital Only Events Until July 2021

When it comes to the current state of affairs, we are all dealing with the health pandemic going on right now. The COVID-19 virus has become a major wrench in so many industries along with daily life. For most of us, we are stuck at home, left wondering when this whole pandemic will finally come to an end and we can freely go about our days as usual. However, this impact going on today may have some big lasting effects. In fact, this situation is causing Microsoft to rethink how they will go about business and events going forward.

With so many events and expos closed down or postponed, there was a real shock to see E3 2020 came to an end. The biggest event that was normally held in June each year, offers consumers a look at what’s coming out in the near future from the biggest names in the video game industry. Due to the coronavirus, this year’s expo was officially cancelled. Now those that had planned events held during the expo have to rethink their strategy to unveil what’s coming from them and the most sensible means of getting the word out is by offering an online presence.

Nintendo and Sony have been doing this instead of paying money to host a big press conference event during E3. Now it looks like Microsoft will be doing the same going forward. We know that later today an online event will be taking place called Inside Xbox where we are supposedly getting news regarding first-party video game titles. However, that online trend will last Until July 2021.

Microsoft is apparently changing the way they offer presentations by doing a digital-first experience that will last until July 2021, though depending on the success of these presentations, we could see this continue on past July of next year. Likewise, it looks like, with this new strategy, we may not see Microsoft hold a press conference during E3 2021 which would big a big impact towards E3 in general. 

Source: Eurogamer