Microsoft Will Be Holding Inside Xbox Event Tomorrow Focusing On Video Games

As you are all aware, E3 2020 was cancelled along with other events focused around the video game industry. If an event wasn’t cancelled yet it’s likely been pushed back to a later date while the world attempts to overcome the coronavirus health pandemic. It’s likely not something new for you to hear, but with so many companies affected and employees staying home, we’ve been wondering just when both Microsoft and Sony will hold an online event to showcase what’s coming down the road. 

Sony recently held a livestream event that was centered on the PlayStation 5 hardware while Microsoft simply posted news regarding what’s inside the Xbox Series X. Now we’re finding out that Microsoft will be holding a new Inside Xbox event tomorrow, April 7, 2020. This event will be focused on the first-party video game titles coming out in the near future so don’t expect anything new in regards to the Xbox Series X.

With that said, we may see some new video game titles announced for the first time ever along with new details of video game titles already unveiled. For instance, we know that in this presentation, we will see updates regarding Grounded, Gears Tactics, and Sea of Thieves. Grounded may be the most unknown title out of the list mentioned as it’s the first game from Obsidian Entertainment after being purchased by Microsoft. 

While we may not get any new details regarding the Xbox Series X, it does look like there will be a section of the video stream that will feature Jason Ronald. Jason is the director of program management for the Xbox Series X and he will be able to further offer details regarding the technical specifications already revealed by the upcoming console. As mentioned, the event is set to take place tomorrow, April 7, 2020, at 2:40 PM PT. You can watch the stream through Microsoft’s Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube channels.

Source: Xbox