The Elusive Nintendo Switch Back In Stock At GameStop 

When it comes to the coronavirus, several industries are taking a hit. The video game industry certainly has taken a hit as well with the likes of different events and expos getting cancelled to productions being delayed. However, this period which has us staying indoors in hopes to avoid catching or further spreading the virus has lead to some gamers going through either their backlog of titles to finish or new releases. Unfortunately, those that are out of a Nintendo Switch may find it a struggle to enjoy some of the video game titles released for the Nintendo hybrid console release. 

The Nintendo Switch has been elusive for a good little while now. Retailers are low in supply and Nintendo has yet to make any statements regarding the stock and its correlation to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially troublesome to hear when a big release just came out for the Nintendo Switch platform, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fortunately, you can find units available through bundle deals at GameStop.

Those that are wanting a Nintendo Switch by itself may be out of luck, but if you don’t mind shelling out a bit more money you can find yourself with not only a console unit but some extra accessories and a title as well. GameStop is throwing together Animal Crossing: New Horizons bundles which will feature both the standard Neon Joy-Cons Nintendo Switch along with Nintendo Switch Lite editions.

These editions will come with a Nintendo Switch, a screen protector, a $20 Nintendo eShop card, and for the standard Nintendo Switch, a Pro Controller. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite bundles will run you $289.99, but the Nintendo Switch standard Neon Joy-Cons bundle will be $449.99. Furthermore, you’ll want to take good care of the Nintendo Switch as it was recently unveiled that Nintendo had shutdown the repair centers for the time being. 

Source: GameStop