Ducktales Quackshot Denied by Disney, Turns Into April Fool’s Joke

Monster Boy developer, FDG Entertainment, took to Twitter last night to announce their brand new game – -Ducktales Quackshot. However, since its April Fool’s, of course it wasn’t real.

But the funny part of the April Fool’s joke is that the game is actually real, but Disney denied the developers the license to work on the game! Yes, of course Disney would pass on something cool like Ducktales Quackshot, a new Ducktales game featuring the new art style from the rebooted animated show.

At the moment, the game is not in development, but developer FDG Entertainment didn’t want to waste their hard work on the pitch to just throw it in the trash, so they made an April Fool’s joke out of it. And who knows maybe Disney will change their mind after seeing fans feedback!

Check out the fake April Fool’s joke announcement down below:

Check out the follow up tweet, where the developers note that Disney passes on their pitch:

In related news, Platinum Games also held their own little April Fool’s joke. If you remember correctly, the critically acclaimed developers had planned to reveal a new game on April 1st, but since today’s a giant joke, of course it’s not real. Learn more about Platinum Games April Fools joke right here!

Would you have liked to see Ducktales Quackshot become a reality? Maybe Disney might change their mind of they see enough fan feedback, so make sure to sound off in the comments below!

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