NBA Stars to Compete in 2K20 Tournament, Winner Takes $100,000 to Their Charity of Choice

2K Games have announced a new NBA 2K20 tournament that will feature 16 NBA players squaring off against each other in an effort to earn $100,000 for a charity in support of ongoing coronavirus relief efforts

Premiering Friday, Apr.3 on ESPN, the first round will commence and see some of the NBA’s greatest stars facing off each other in this high-stakes tournament. Players will be able to choose up to 8 different NBA teams to use throughout the tournament, however, the catch is each team can only be used once.

“The winner will be crowned the ultimate NBA 2K20 champion and select a charity beneficiary to receive a $100,000 donation from 2K, the NBA and the NBPA in support of ongoing coronavirus relief efforts.”

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Source: NBA 2K Twitter