Resident Evil Resistance Beta Now Live On PC And PS4

Capcom fans have been eagerly awaiting the launch of their Resident Evil 3 remake. After the success this studio had with Resident Evil 2’s remake, it’s not a big surprise to see anticipation growing for the next installment remake’s launch on April 3, 2020. We’re nearing its release date, but for those that are wanting to try the game out, you can access demos right now. In fact, today we’re finally getting access to the multiplayer component for Resident Evil Resistance after a small delay caused Capcom to make some postponements. 

Resident Evil 3 is coming packed in with a multiplayer game mode known as Resident Evil Resistance. While the main campaign is fully intact, the multiplayer element will be unique to the series. Players will find this game mode to be a 4v1 scenario in which a team of survivors must work their way through a series of rooms. Meanwhile, the opposing player is able to set the rooms up prior to traps, monsters, and puzzles. It’s certainly a big component being added to Resident Evil 3 and for a few days, Xbox One owners were able to test the game out in beta.

Originally, the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms were also set to have a beta but after some technical issues were discovered, the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms were postponed. That postponement finally came to an end and you can download the beta right now to enjoy until April 3, 2020, when Resident Evil 3 finally releases into the market.

In other Resident Evil 3 news, it was recently announced that those in Europe may find that their physical copies will have a delay in reaching the markets. This is due to the travel and shipping restrictions placed thanks to the coronavirus spread. Regardless, the game should still be available digitally on April 3, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: IGN