Capcom Alerts UK Gamers That Resident Evil 3 Physical Copies May Be Delayed

Everyone is dealing with the coronavirus in some way. It could mean as little as standing six feet away from someone while out and about to being lockdown without the ability to gather or head outside for much more than crucial needs. This health pandemic is also no stranger to the video game industries. We’ve seen several events get postponed or closed down completely. For instance, E3, one of the biggest expos each and every year was cancelled due to the virus.

Outside of gaming events, some developers have allowed employees to work remotely. That itself is posing problems such as Bethesda who recently unveiled that Fallout 76’s upcoming Wastelanders update has been delayed. Now it looks like those in the UK will find that Resident Evil 3 may be a digital exclusive for a period of time. This news comes from the official Capcom UK Twitter account as they alert followers of the current situation.

According to the tweet, Capcom is aware of the shipping restrictions right now in the UK which means physical copies of Resident Evil 3 may not be released for the market. This doesn’t mean the game will never see a physical release in the UK, it just means that there may be a slight delay with a new release date for the physical copies being undetermined. Of course, with that said, the game will still be available for those who wish to purchase the game digitally.

This also seems to be a retailer issue as well which means that you could find yourself waiting for the game to not only get into the markets but for stock to reach the individual retailers. We’re not sure what this means for those that have pre-ordered units either as we could find some gamers not interested in purchasing the game digitally if they already paid to receive a physical release. Regardless, it does look like Resident Evil 3 will meet its release date on April 3, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Twitter