Hacker Demands $100 Million Over Stolen XSX GPU Source Code

It’s quite a crazy time we’re living in right now. The coronavirus is affecting so many people and industries worldwide. However, there is a new situation right now that is further provoking some companies like AMD and Microsoft. It turns out that a hacker was able to obtain the source code for select upcoming AMD GPUs, one of which is the GPU being used for the upcoming Xbox Series X. We’ve got a ransom situation unfolding where the hacker is demanding a $100 million otherwise the code gets leaked.

AMD has issued a statement on its official website alerting the public that someone has claimed to hold test files relating to a series of future graphics products. Apparently, the company doesn’t believe that the files relate to the core of their competitiveness or security to their graphics products. With that said, the company has been issuing DMCA takedown notices to the sections of codes leaked by the hacker already to showcase that they actually do hold classified information. 

Speaking with Torrent Freak, the hacker stated that the code is valued at a $100 million and it seems that the offer is for anyone that is interested in the code. If AMD doesn’t deliver the funds then she will move on to whoever will pay the price she is asking for. With that said, the hacker also made note that if no buyer shows up in time then the entire code will be leaked online. 

This is turning into a criminal investigation and it’s uncertain just what the next steps will end up being taken. Likewise, we’re unsure if this will hurt potential sales of the Xbox Series X or if it will hurt sales for future AMD graphics cards. Really, for now, all we can do is wait and see just how this unfolds.

Source: Torrent Freak