Suda51 Upbeat On PS4 Development, Shares More Lily Bergamo Details

Famitsu has a new interview up with famed game developer Suda51 for upcoming PS4 title Lily Bergamo, citing, among other things, the ease of developing on the PS4.

First off, Suda reveals the name of the protagonist as Tae Ioroi. Suda wants people to think of Tae as an action heroine, although the game is about more than action.

Suda is also planning to make a challenging companion app for the game. He points out that as the first collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture and Gungho Online Entertainment (makers of Puzzle and Dragons), he wanted to make a game that took advantage of both companies’ strengths. In his mind, Gungho’s strength is in online, but he refused to divulge further details about the companion app at this point.

Suda is at pains to explain what kind of action game Lily Bergamo is going to be. The game definitely has hack and slash mechanics at its core, and the player will also be able to earn experience. Suda also cites Grasshopper’s prior experience in PS3 action games, such as Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer Is Dead, etc. and how they are putting in all they learned from those games into Lily Bergamo.

Regarding character designer Yusuke Kozaki, whom Suda has been working with since No More Heroes , Suda says he is like family.

Suda is upbeat about PS4 development, saying it is very easy, and that he took an interest in using its controller’s features, such as the touchpad and the Share button. While he was initially reticent about using Share, he knew he wanted to use the touchpad to add a layer of challenge.

Lastly, Suda explained that their dev team is committed to making the game the best it can be day by day. He, like other fans, is really looking forward to the Playstation 4 launch in Japan February 22 of next year. Lily Bergamo is being made with the PS4, and so, Suda hopes he can rely on their fans’ support.