Is Nintendo Going After Dreams Creations?

Recently Media Molecule released its latest installment into the market for the PlayStation 4, Dreams. You may be familiar with the game, it’s proven to be incredibly popular with those that enjoy being creative. Using Dreams, players can create works of art to full video game titles thanks to the various in-game tools and assets. As a result, we’ve seen some outstanding projects such as remake projects from past video game releases to unique art created specifically from the in-game tools. 

However, as some have likely expected, there are some creators that may have an issue with the IP owners. Much like fan games, IP owners may frown upon projects being developed without their consent. We’ve seen plenty of video game projects get taken down from the internet are outright prevented from fans continuing their projects which is exactly what may happen with Dreams. Because so many projects are being developed under fans that mimic other games or recreates certain characters, Dreams is becoming a popular choice for players that simply want to enjoy creations made by others.

For one user, a popular Mario character creation was flagged by Nintendo. According to the user, Sony has reached out and alerted the creator that their Mario character was removed due to complaints made by Nintendo. If this is the case, then there could be other game projects and creations flagged and removed. We’re not sure how many other projects will be taken down from Dreams and if this will continue to be a problem for those that use the video game to recreate IPs. 

As mentioned, Dreams is a popular video game as is to recreate certain characters from the likes of Nintendo and Sony. This very well could be the start of projects being flagged for copyright infringement and if this continues to be a problem then we’re curious what this could mean for the future of Dreams in general.

Source: GoNintendo