GameStop Fights To Stay Open During Coronavirus Pandemic


This is a tough time for everyone around the world. You are all aware of the health pandemic going on right now that is causing a fight to defeat the coronavirus from becoming a bigger problem. As a result, there have been several efforts to keep people away from attending gatherings. From closing down locations to even quarantine’s being placed in different areas. 

For some stores and retail locations, there have been closures until the pandemic subsides while others have enforced new rules and regulations. For gamers, the retailer known as GameStop which has certainly seen their own troubling days recently has alerted followers on Twitter that they will continue to stay open during this pandemic. With that said, there are some new policies being placed. For instance, there will only be ten customers allowed into the store at any given time you’ll also see these stores include the six-foot parameter that the CDC recommends. Furthermore, there are going to be new hours implemented that allow the stores to close earlier until March 29, 2020.

Furthermore, we’re not going to see midnight launches until further notice, all in-store gaming stations will be disabled along with a new feature which will deliver purchases to your front door. It’s a means to help keep their staff and employees safe. Likewise being that there are schools closed down and potentially employees that not having to attend work at the moment, this could give players a bit of free time to enjoy some of the latest video game titles. 

While we’re hopeful that this pandemic comes to an end sooner than later, we may see GameStop adjust these policies going forward. Again, the hope is that the coronavirus is able to be contained and solved sooner rather than later.

Source: Twitter