Ubisoft May Be Delayed When It Comes To Rainbow Six Siege Updates

Ubisoft, much like other companies around the world, is feeling the effects of the late health pandemic. Coronavirus has become a worldwide problem and everyone is doing their part as they attempt to keep people away from gathering to locations where the virus could potentially spread. In a recent tweet that was sent out from the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account, the studio has started to work from home.

This new means to work from home should keep employees from the risk of catching the virus or spreading it around with colleagues. Now that there are new police enacted to help those work at home, we could see some future content releases slow down for the likes of Rainbow Six Siege. The alert claims that the current updates going on are on schedule but the likelihood of future updates getting impacted was the reason behind sending out the alert.

“While the day-to-day play experience will remain unchanged on Rainbow Six Siege, we foresee that smaller patches will be cut in the short term. This will not impact upcoming content that is ready to release in the current update. However, we are assessing the impact on future planned content releases and we will keep the community up to date on any shifts in the timelines that might occur.” 

This all likely depends on how the outlook stands for the Coronavirus. If things turn out well then the updates may not be as impacted as Ubisoft has likely expected. Still, there are likely going to be plenty of delays and postponed content updates on a plethora of video game titles due to the virus.

Source: Twitter