Capcom Makes A Jab At Resident Evil 6 In Upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake

There is a ton of hype and anticipation building up around Resident Evil 3 the remake and recently the video game received a demo. Fans worldwide are enjoying a sneak peek into the upcoming title when one happened to discover an Easter Egg regarding a previous Resident Evil installment release. It looks like Capcom can make a jab at their own previous work.

The Resident Evil franchise has been around for decades and over the years we’ve seen some video game installments really thrive or falter. It doesn’t come to much of a surprise when Capcom wanted to try something different with the Resident Evil franchise. For years they have stuck with the traditional survival horror elements, but after Resident Evil 3 the game started to pivot more towards a horror game with action elements. The worse of the installments to feature heavy action gameplay was Resident Evil 6.

Fans of the franchise had trashed the game over the massive changes Capcom has implemented to the Resident Evil series. As a result, Resident Evil 7 turned things around and since then Capcom has gone back to remake not only Resident Evil 2 but the now upcoming Resident Evil 3. As mentioned, there was a demo released that gives players a chance to try the game out. One user who give the demo a go noticed a movie poster.

This poster was titled “Disaster” and it mimics the artwork used to promote Resident Evil 6. As a result, fans are taking it that this is an Easter Egg towards the less than stellar release of Resident Evil 6. We’re interested to see just what other Easter Eggs are located in the game after the title launches on April 3, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Twitter