Uncharted Joins the List of Films to Stop Production Due to the Coronavirus

The Uncharted film, which was just set in motion and ready to begin production will now be delayed due to ongoing concerns of the Coronavirus.

In a new report by Variety, the news comes to no surprise as numerous different productions have been shut down due to the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus. The report claims that the film will halt all productions of the upcoming film for at least six weeks. The film has recently finished pre-production and was ready to begin filming next month in Germany, Berlin.

The report goes on to state that the production of the film remains unknown and whether or not this will affect March 5, 2021, the anticipated release also remains unknown.

The Coronavirus is responsible for terminating a variety of gaming events and film and video game productions. Thankfully, companies are figuring out a way to counter these concerns and present safe, viable alternatives. Hopefully, things make a quick turnaround and begin to move forward sooner rather than later.

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Source: Variety