Nintendo and LEGO Teases Mysterious Collaboration

Nintendo and LEGO have teased a mysterious collaboration for an upcoming project on Twitter this morning and has the gaming world puzzled as to what it can be.

Check out the Tweet down below:

Seemingly coming out of the blue, Nintendo and LEGO have dropped a bomb on both the gaming and LEGO building community with this exciting new collaboration. The cryptic tweet confirms that there is indeed something in the works. What it can be? Well, it can be a variety of different things. However, it is most likely narrowed down to two options.

The first option can be an announcement of a Mario LEGO video game exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Console similar to the LEGO video games TT Games are known for developing. With levels and the world of Mario imagined through LEGO, it would be hard to not get excited for this one. The second option can be a Mario LEGO builder set, which would take an iconic moment or scene from a game for building.

With both sounding equally exciting, the team here at Gameranx can’t wait to find out what the project is!

While both options are likely, it’s hard to not be extremely excited about both options. Time will tell exactly what the project is, as the tweet clearly states “Something fun is being built! Stay tuned…”

Stay tuned to Gameranx to find out the latest news regarding the exciting project!

Source: Nintendo Twitter