New Video Shows Direct Comparison of 2020 Resident Evil 3’s Remake and Classic from 1999

PlayStation’s Youtube channel has released an in-depth comparison video of Resident Evil 3 remake and the classic 1999 version.

Check out the awesome video down below:

Resident Evil 3 is looking solid in the upcoming remake as the video shows off how far the game has truly come. The comparison video shows off tons of iconic moments from the original and presents them in a way that almost doesn’t even look the same game, and that statement in itself really shows off how the hard work everyone involved in the project put into this remake.

Jill, Carlos, and even the horrifying Nemesis all look polished and most importantly, photorealistic, which is going to play a big factor when revisiting this classic. Will the photorealistic aspect of the remake make the game scarier? Time will tell, but I’m going to put my input and say yes, the remake will be more creepy and scary than the original.

Resident Evil 3 is on the horizon and fans are itching to finally get their hands on the beloved classic from 1999 and they won’t have to wait that much longer. Thankfully, we aren’t far out from the game’s release, as it hits store shelves on April 3rd.

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Source: PlayStation’s Youtube channel