Iam8bit Calls It Quits With E3 2020 

E3 has somewhat evolved over the years. At first, the expo was a means to provide news outlets and retailers of what’s coming out in terms of video game software and hardware. This turned into massive press conferences, big-name celebrities appearing to help promote a title, along with opening up the expo for fans rather than being a media event where you had to meet the requirements in order to obtain a badge. Still, now that E3 has moved on with becoming more of a celebration towards video games, we’ve seen several companies drop out.

For this year, E3 would have been likely something vastly unique from what we’ve seen from the various ESA statements. One of the means to change things up was using Iam8bit, who has worked on several gaming events in order to become a Creative Director for E3 2020 floor experience. Now that we’re just a few months out from the event, Iam8bit has confirmed that they are officially stepping away from E3.

Unfortunately, there is no word on just why the company decided to no longer attach themselves to one of the largest gaming expos in the world. Despite this, the ESA released a statement also confirming that Iam8bit was leaving E3 2020. Now what we have left is to wonder just what this means for the expo or if there are any last-minute changes to pivot away from the direction the former Creative Director had started with for E3 2020.

Regardless, when it comes to E3 2020, there’s still a chance that we may not even see this event come to life. There is a real health pandemic with the coronavirus and it has prevented companies from attending certain events in the past like PAX East. Furthermore, GDC 2020 was postponed altogether due to the virus. While California has entered a state of emergency from the virus, the ESA is still planning to hold E3 this June.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz