MLB The Show 20 Latest Trailer Covers March to October Mode

Sony and Sandiego Studios have been steadily releasing new trailers for their upcoming MLB The Show 20 and it continues today, with the latest covering the “March to October” mode.

Check out the trailer down below:

The short, 30-second trailer quickly covers one of the game’s most popular modes, March to October. For those unfamiliar with this mode, it is a simulated, summed up version of Seasons which allows you to play important games, and race to the post-season, rather than playing all 162 games. It’s really quite useful for those who want to experience the post-season, but just don’t have the time to dedicate the number of hours to get there.

If you haven’t been staying up to date with the latest MLB The Show 20 trailers, you can click this link which will bring you to Gameranx’s coverage of all the latest trailers and updates for the popular baseball simulator.

MLB The Show 20’s latest trailer is once again starring Javey and The Coach as they hilariously do their thing, as per usual when it comes to the trailers. What did you think of the trailer let us know in the comments down below and be sure to stay right here at Gameranx for the latest gaming news releasing.

MLB The Show 20 launches on PlayStation 4 consoles on March 17, with early access pre-orders beginning on March 13.

Source: PlayStation Youtube