Pokemon Officially Turns 24 Years Old Today

The Pokemon franchise is extremely loved and adored by fans all around the world. Better yet, it’s a franchise that has been adored for over twenty years now as the franchise has officially hit its twenty-fourth birthday today. This franchise has been around for over two decades and it sparked an interest with fans on an assortment of mediums.

Whether you found Pokemon as an anime series, card game, or a video game title, there is no doubt you haven’t encounter Pokemon in the wild in at least one format. With the series continuing to thrive today with new series and video games, it’s certainly finding a spike in popularity today. Dubbed as Pokemon Day, fans are sharing their love of the franchise through social media posts online. 

It’s hard to believe that back on this day in 1996 Pokemon Red and Green versions were released into the Japanese market from the development studio Game Freak. After the popularity of this RPG series, the franchise is grown to become a worldwide household name. As we look back into the franchise today, we would love to know if you have a favorite medium of the Pokemon franchise. This could a particular anime series, season, character, or a video game. 

Currently, the latest incarnation of Pokemon is Pokemon Sword & Shield which are available right now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform. If you’re unsure if this game series is for you then we suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode upload on the titles right down below where you’ll hear our initial thoughts on the games.

Source: Twitter