Doom Eternal Director Talks About Internal Studio Pressure When Developing Doom 2016

Doom is an iconic video game franchise and it comes from a well-known development studio, id Software. Of course, when it comes to any game there is always going to be some pressure in making sure it’s a solid and fun experience for players. When it came to the 2016 release of Doom, there was plenty of pressure internally according to Marty Stratton, the studio director.

When id Software was purchased by Bethesda, it was a long gap between a video game being developed and released. Rage came out and from there the studio went to work on Doom IV which was scrapped. In an IGN interview, Marty Stratton commented on the experience with Doom IV and expressed that while it was a good game, it lacked some of the essences that fans would likely expect from a Doom video game. 

Of course, when that came to an end, there was nothing but years of silence from the studio essentially. When asked by IGN if there was ever any pressure from Bethesda or fear if the company would simply close the studio and take the IPs away, Marty Stratton was quick to say that Bethesda was never anything but supportive. While that was likely a relief, Stratton still felt some internal pressure to make sure that when they worked on a Doom reboot, the development studio put their all into it. 

After the long absence, the studio wanted to ensure that Doom 2016 was something special. Luckily their hard work paid off. Doom 2016 is still being enjoyed by countless gamers worldwide and it certainly helped bring out plenty of hype over the upcoming Doom Eternal release. In fact, id Software has plans to help support the game post-launch so that should help keep gamers entertained until the next installment makes its way out into the market.

Source: IGN