Nintendo’s Throwing Together A 90s Themed Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament 

Nintendo has been supporting its Super Smash Bros Ultimate video game since it released back in 2018. The video game is the latest installment to the much-beloved Super Smash Bros franchise and its one that has plenty of fans jumping into the game when a new installment releases. However, this latest installment certainly has plenty of content for players to go through. Not only does it feature the biggest roster of characters ever in the series, but with tournaments and DLC coming out regularly, new content will be available throughout the year.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is quite the popular fighting video game today and with new tournaments being released for players to partake in, you’ll find that there is usually plenty of players actively going through matches online. This latest tournament is actually themed around a decade, the 1990s. 

How this tournament will play out is that Nintendo will only allow a cast of fighters that were available in the 1990s so anything that came out 2000 and onward will not be available. Likewise, the only stages available to fight within will be related to games that were featured specifically in video games that again were available in the 1990s. 

This tournament is taking place online starting tomorrow, February 21, 2020, though it will continue on for three days. Those that have yet to pick up Super Smash Bros Ultimate, then we suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode upload posted down below. In the video, we showcase some gameplay and our initial thoughts on the title in hopes that you are able to make an informed decision on if this game is worth the purchase.

Source: Comic Book