Fez Sells One Million

Polytron Corporation hits a milestone in Fez's lifetime with one million total sales.

Fez originally launched on the Xbox 360 after numerous delays to finish the project. During the development of Fez, creator Phil Fish became one of the few subjects for Indie Game: The Movie. Fish appeared alongside other notable indie developers such as Jonathan Blow – creator of Braid and the upcoming game, The Witness.

After the Xbox 360 launch, Polytron Corporation launched on other platforms including the PC. Fez soon makes its way to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

While Polytron already started development on Fez 2, Fish later cancelled the project and announced his departure from working in the video games industry. 

As 'Thank You' to fans, Polytron wrote a short letter to fans showing their appreciation for their support. For perspective of what one million sales looks like, an image of one million pixels surrounds the lonely Gomez.