Persona 5 Could Still Release On Nintendo Switch

Persona has been a long-running video game series that had grown quite a bit following. For fans of this turn-based RPG series, there is always a big hype and build-up for each release. In 2017 we got a brand new mainline installment to the franchise with Persona 5 and it was a massive hit all around. Unfortunately, the game only released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 which meant that fans would be forced to own the platform in order to enjoy the latest game. 

Since Persona 5 launched there were a couple of additional titles released such as Persona 5 Royale though there were some rumors and speculation going around that the fifth mainline installment would see a release on the Nintendo Switch platform. This obviously had plenty of fans excited, but that wasn’t the case and it left plenty of fans disappointed. For those that would like to see the installment released on other platforms, its important to make note of it according to Atlus.

Persona 5 was developed by P-Studio but was published by Atlus. Speaking with IGN about the installment released on the Nintendo Switch platform, Atlus unveils how fans could help get the title onto the Nintendo hybrid console. Really, all it requires for Atlus is seeing that fans really wanted the game on the platform. If it seems like a viable option with fans interested, then Atlus would work on a port.

When fans don’t vocalize their requests to the publisher then there is likely a chance we wouldn’t see a particular release. So with that said, fans should continue to ask for Persona 5 on the platform or potentially other platforms to see a port come to fruition. For now, you can still enjoy Persona 5 right now on the latest platform from Sony, the PlayStation 4 or the last generation PlayStation 3.

Source: IGN