Overwatch & Diablo Netflix Anime Series Leaks Online

There’s been a push lately to bring video game franchises into the big screen or even adapted into a streaming service series. For instance, we know that there is a new Silent Hill movie being worked on, a prequel to the Uncharted video games, and most recently we had Sonic the Hedgehog hit the theaters. However, in terms of series, already we have Castlevania anime series along with a leaked Resident Evil series seemingly in the works. 

Now we can add Overwatch and Diablo into the mix for a new streaming series. Both are animated though Diablo will seemingly take more an aim at being an anime. These two franchises have been rumored and teased about when it comes to being adapted into a series. Now a new discovery from the Activision Blizzard president Nick van Dyke’s LinkedIn page unveils that both are in production. 

We don’t know much about either series at the moment. It’s likely not something that won’t be unveiled until an expo like BlizzCon or potentially during E3. Both will likely cater to two different audiences as Diablo has a very dark tone to the video game series and Overwatch has been rather light. 

Both franchises also have a new installment in the works with Overwatch 2 coming sometime this year and Diablo 4 still waiting to get a launch window. It’s likely both of these series will be released near the upcoming installments though that is purely speculative on my part. At any rate, would you be interested in the video game series from both franchises? We would also like to hear your thoughts on a video game franchise that could be adapted well into a television series or even a movie.

Source: LinkedIn