The Control IP Is Seemingly Not Going Anywhere 

There were a few video game titles that really stood out in 2019 though when it comes to new IPs, one of the biggest came from development studio Remedy Entertainment. Control was a brand new action-adventure title that followed a young woman named Jess Faden who ended up in a secret agency that deals with the paranormal. With a threat known as the Hiss stuck in this massive building, it’s up to Jesse to stop the threat and unravel what exactly is going on. It’s a deep single-player game that most have complimented over its narrative and cinematic feel.

Remedy Entertainment should sound familiar as it’s a game development studio that has been around for several years now. With the likes of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break in its catalog, the studio is known for single-player action titles. With Control being such a massive hit, the studio has received some new attention and has seemingly placed the company in a good position. 

Recently DICE 2020 held some big events and presentations with developers. IGN was present during the event and was able to talk with Remedy communications director Thomas Puha. During the conversation, Thomas revealed that the studio is in a good position to continue on with the IP. Without revealing what may be on the horizon it seems that Remedy Entertainment can further flesh out some ideas and new areas to explore so this franchise may stick around for the long haul.

Of course, with that said, there is post-launch DLC in the works, but its possible that we could see Control receive additional expansions or possibly even a sequel thanks to the reception the game has been receiving since its launch. Control is currently available right now for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Source: IGN