Sony Purchased Insomniac Games Last August for About $229 Million USD Dollars


Insomniac Games is notoriously known for a lot of great games from Rachet and Clank, the Resistance franchise, to the probably their most critically acclaimed title — Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Last Summer the news broke that Sony purchased the company and made them an exclusive developer for Sony. The news was kind of big as companies just dont purchase development studios, but with he critical success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t have bought them.

However, at the time no one knew how much the purchase cost. Today thanks to a new filing from the US Securities and Commissions department via Dualshockers, we now know how much it cost Sony. The filing for the purchase for Insomniac Games cost the mega company Sony about $229 million dollars! That is a lot of money, but with Insomniac Games selling about 13 million units of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the purchase seems like a good investment!

Sony is very big into creating and making great titles for the PlayStation 4. Their lineup of developers have now just added another heavy hitter to the lineup and PS4 fans should be ecstatic. With Insomniac Games now part of the Sony brand, fans should expect to see more Spider-Man content in the future, which is going to be absolutely amazing!

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Are you a fan of the Spider-Man PS4 title? Excited for a sequel title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: US Securities and Commissions via DualShockers