Blizzard Made A Prototype Hearthstone VR Game

Virtual reality became a big hit in this generation of gaming. There were plenty of new headsets released into the market that allowed gamers a chance to pick up and enjoy whether it be on the PlayStation 4 or the PC platform. Still, with the headsets, there is a need for new and exciting video game titles. We’re even seeing some familiar franchises being adapted into VR much like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx.

One of the biggest online card battling games was also considered for a VR adaptation. Blizzard apparently had the idea of turning Hearthstone into a VR game. This came from the company’s event where developers could create something in the span of just two weeks. Two of those developers ended up turning Hearthstone into a VR game that allowed players to roam the tavern and sit down for a match with another player.

From there the game would play much like how Hearthstone plays today. Players could throw down cards on the table and watch the battle unfold. There was even a feature where players can toss the table, likely as a means to quit the match. Despite all this, the project doesn’t seem to be progressing any further, but the news of a VR adaptation of Hearthstone has certainly gained quite a bit of attention online. Perhaps with all this attention, Blizzard may find the incentive to further develop an adaptation for the VR PC platform.

Right now only time will tell what Blizzard has planned for the video game IP. Of course, fans still have the ability to enjoy the game on the PC platform and mobile devices where they will continue to see new expansions and cards. What do you think of a Hearthstone VR adaptation video game? It would certainly make for an interesting way to enjoy the game.

Source: PowerUp-Gaming