Leaked Images Surface Of Scrapped Animated Short For The Last of Us

Sony has several big video game IPs in their catalog much like The Last of Us. The video game originally released on the PlayStation 3 before getting a remastered edition on the PlayStation 4. This narrative adventure title set in the post-apocalyptic world was one that had plenty of gamers eager to revisit and it didn’t come to much of a surprise to learn that development studio Naughty Dog would be bringing out a sequel. Still, with die-hard fans knowing just about every aspect of the IP and waiting to learn what has changed since we last left off in this upcoming sequel, it came as a shock to see that there was an animated short in the works.

Apparently, Sony had the production company Oddfellows create an animated short for The Last of Us that would allow viewers a new means of learning the entire story of the first game. It seems that the company was going to produce a new narrative where Joel and Ellie were traveling to a destination and during that trip, they would have memories of their past journey. Essentially, different objects or scenery would trigger some of the hardships or fond memories that they endured in the original game.

That short has since been scrapped and no information has been released as to why Sony opted to avoid bringing out the animated film. Now all that has been surfaced online is a series of leaked images that showcases a few iconic moments from the film. While fans wait and see if new information releases as to what all the film would have brought to the table and why Sony dropped the project, we do know that the sequel is just a few months away.

Currently, The Last of Us Part 2 will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 this May 29, 2020. If you have yet to enjoy the first installment, the remastered edition is available on the PlayStation 4. We’re sure there will be some type of recap available to enjoy the sequel without playing the initial title. In other news regarding The Last of Us Part 2, it seems that Naughty Dog is in the hunt for developers who have experience with PC development. With Sony rumored to bring out more exclusives on the PC platform, we could potentially see The Last of Us 2 launch outside of the PlayStation 4 as well, though that’s purely speculative. 

Source: Nerd4life, Imgur