Nioh 2 Just Received A New Story Trailer

Nioh launched back in 2017 and sometime this year we’re going to receive Nioh 2, a game that is set to be a prequel. Just as before, this is an action RPG title that players follow a rogue mercenary that has been tasked in tracking down the Yokai in the Mino Province. However, you’re not a full-blooded human, but instead, a being that has mixed Yoaki blood making the protagonist part of the demon monster.

It’s during a battle that you lose yourself within the Yokai blood. Fortunately, a merchant saves you by providing a Spirit Stone which is an artifact that has magic in which our protagonist can communicate and control the demonic persona. With the new knowledge of the Spirit Stones, players are set on a new path to discover other Spirit Stones and keep them away from those that would seek out its power.

This journey is not an easy one and its clear that you’re not the only one seeking the Spirit Stones. For now, you can check out the narrative trailer above while we wait for the game to make its launch date of March 13, 2020, on the PlayStation 4.

It’s worth noting that there is post-launch DLC planned which will bring in more gameplay and challenges for the player to endure though we’re not certain just when the DLC will make its release after Nioh 2.

Source: YouTube