Rumor: PlayStation 5 UI Leaks Online

Sony, much like Microsoft, is gearing up to launch the next-generation console platform during the holiday season of this year. While we know of a few aspects being featured with the PlayStation 5 such as the haptic feedback DualShock 5 and how the console will make use of an SSD, most of the features and design have been kept behind closed curtains. With supposed leaks and rumors going out regularly now for the upcoming console, it seems that one user may have captured a photo of the user interface of the PS5.

The photo comes from a 4Chan post so it’s nothing official and it very well could be fake. Still, the user interface image has been circulating online quite a bit and it’s leaving plenty thinking this could very well be the next-generation UI. For instance, Sony has kept the UI somewhat similar over the years and it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to see something like this launch for the PlayStation 5. 

From what we can see, the UI showcases a current video game project build, among other menu options that can be easily accessed right from the home menu such as the settings. On top is where you’ll find the list of notifications and your friend’s menu. With the dev kit menu, it looks like there is 1TB of storage though a good chunk of it has been taken up likely in the form of a video game build.

Again, this is purely a rumored image as Sony has yet to make any official announcements regarding the UI. Most of us are wondering just where Sony plans to make a big PlayStation 5 reveal as the company has recently announced that they would be skipping E3 this year much like how they opted to avoid throwing a show during E3 2019. As a result, we’re likely going to see some type of Sony focused event where the PS5 will be unveiled with several key features that should sway gamers to pick up the console at launch.

Source: 4Chan