Official Pokemon ASMR Videos Released; Watch Charmander Sleep and Chespin Eat

ASMR is all the hype now on YouTube, you got videos of people eating, the sound of beaches, wood fire crackling, and everything else in between. Today, the official Pokemon YouTube channel jumped in on the fun and released two of their own ASMR videos!

The two videos feature two iconic Pokemon’s — Charmander and Chespin. The two videos are different but they share the same ASMR vein. Charmander’s video features the adroable Pokemon sleeping while wood fire crackles, this goes on for 30 minutes.

The other video is centered around Chespin, which showcases our little Pokemon eating; this video only goes on for 8 minutes. If you ever thought you needed a Pokemon ASMR video, then you were on to something as both of these are pretty great!

Check out the official Pokemon ASMR videos down below:

Pokemon has been running for about 25 years now and with each passing title, fans manage to keep the same amount of hype for each new title. That goes the same for Game Freak’s upcoming title, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Being the first main Pokemon RPG title to hit the Nintendo Switch since the console’s debut, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the latest installment in the franchise. And I’m glad to report in the review roundup that the hype did not disappoint as many critics are liking the game. Make sure to check out the full review roundup for Pokemon Sword and Shield right here!

This might help someone fall asleep faster especially if they like the sound of crackling wood fire; and if you do manage to wake up you’ll get to see an adorable charmander sleeping!

Think you’ll check out the Pokemon ASMR videos? Have you been playing the latest Pokemon titles — Sword and Shield? Let us know in the comments below!

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