Here’s the First Uncharted 4 MoCap Screenshot

Naughty Dog knows a thing or two about making good looking video games. The Uncharted franchise seemingly pushed the PlayStation 3 to its limits in terms of scale and graphical fidelity, but that series was quickly outdone by… The Last of Us, another project spawned from the bright minds at Naughty Dog. It's a team with obvious talent, so simply hearing that a new Uncharted game has even been considered for the PlayStation 4 is enough to get us ready to perform unrealistic jumps and score some treasure that, somehow, hasn’t been found before.

For the first piece of media, a screenshot from the motion capture process has been release. This grizzled gentleman above is just about all we’ve seen from the game, but Todd Stashwick, the voice behind the Uncharted 4 teaser trailer, did add a few behind-the-scenes photos from the capturing process to spice things up. Take a look:

When will Uncharted: Hey, I need a Subtitle be released? We have no idea. For now, enjoy what you have on the PS4 and wait for new information on this blockbuster in the coming months.