Epic Games Store Will Continue Offering Free Weekly Games In 2020

When Epic Games decided to take on Valve’s Steam marketplace, there were a few controversies. For starters, it was lacking a lot of the big features that Steam already has in place. Likewise, Epic Games was throwing around a lot of money to secure exclusive titles for their service meaning that most cases certain games were locked behind Epic Games Store for a duration of time. This left a lot of people angry over the fact that they would have to wait to be able to use their Steam accounts to purchase the title. 

Still, over the year we’ve seen Epic Games make several updates to their client to help close the gap on what Steam offers users. Even if they were behind in areas of the digital marketplace, there was one big incentive that is keeping gamers on the Epic Games Store which is the free weekly titles. Starting in 2019, gamers were given a free title to claim for their account which would secure the game. Players could install the game whenever they pleased once they had it claimed all for free.

However, it was believed that Epic Games Store would remove this service feature once 2020 hit. That’s not the case anymore as we’re in 2020 and still, new games are being offered for free. Now Epic Games Store has taken to their blog post to officially confirm that they will continue offering free games each week in 2020.

The statement does say throughout 2020 so it could mean that once 2021 hits we may not see free games being offered weekly but with the announcement, Epic Games also included a list of stats that showcased their 2019 year such as the marketplace having over 100 million customers. For those of you who haven’t claimed their free game this week on Epic Games Store, the free title is Sundered: Eldritch Edition

Source: Epic Games Store