Wasteland 2 Beta Out Within ‘2.5 Weeks’

InXile Entertainment continues development of Wasteland 2 at a steady pace. Considering a dwindling checklist of development issues, Brian Fargo, CEO at InXile, sees a Wasteland 2 beta ready within the next two and a half weeks.

Fargo announced Wasteland 2's progress through his Twitter feed with the following statement.

InXile turned to Kickstarter to help fund development of Wasteland 2 earlier this year. The Kickstarter fund raised close to $3 million this past April, which exceed their initial $900,000 goal. Since many fans invested in the development, Fargo wants to include Kickstarter backers along the way. Fargo won't set a release date until InXile takes beta feedback from all backers.

While waiting for the Wasteland 2 release or the soon approaching beta, you can watch a short video detailing the inventory system found in Wasteland 2