Wasteland 2 Video Demonstrates Inventory System

InXile Entertainment has published a new video about its upcoming Kickstarter-funded sequel, Wasteland 2. This two-minute video focuses on the inventory screen, which – as the narrator points out – is a “slightly polished UI” but isn't considered to be final art. The team felt it was important that the player was able to easily sort through items so as to make it simple to equip the various members of her team. As such, the inventory is based on simple lists but with pictures so it's not too text-heavy.

From what we can see in the video (which is not final art, as the narrator said, but is presumably along the lines of what we can expect in the final game), the player will be able to view an animated image of each character and can drag and drop items from the different categories over to the current character to equip him or her. A column on the left lists each of the party members (up to seven in total), so the player can switch between them with ease.

Each selected item has its own image and description that pops up on an index card-style menu. The current art fits in well with the scrappy, DIY aesthetic of the original Wasteland game, which should please fans. For those who are unhappy with what they see, however, inXile is happy to listen to feedback. What do you think of the system from what we've seen so far?