GT Sport Update 1.54 Now Available to Download, Penalty System Fixed

Polyphony Digital released a new update for their racing simulator title, GT Sport and we’re here to bring the the highlights.

The new update for GT Sport is relatively small when compared to other updates, however, it is integral as it fixes a lot of things players have been asking for. The main highlight from update 1.54 is the fixed penalties for players who get into slight contact or collisions where the game resets the player.

If you’ve been experiencing problems with their penalty system, then I would suggest downloading the new update and getting back out there as it seems to have been fixed!

Check out the full set of patch notes down below:

An update for Gran Turismo Sport has been released. The following is a list of the main features introduced:

Main Features Implemented

Sports Mode & Lobby
 - Fixed an issue wherein by equipping different tires on the front and rear axles it was possible to circumvent the ‘Tire Requirement’ restrictions.
 - Fixed an issue where even very slight contact or collisions were incurring a penalty.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

In related news, developer Polyphony Digital recently released a big update for GT Sport which added a bunch of new cars, racing tracks, and fixes. Titled patch 1.50, the new update came with a slew of welcomed features and new modes that will have both longtime fans and newcomers returning to the game.

To highlight some of the new content coming to update 1.50 — 10 new challenges, 5 new cars, new GT League, and the Lewis Hamilton challenge! If you want to check out the full details on what came in update 1.50 for yourself click here!

GT Sport update 1.54 is now available to download on PlayStation 4. Are you still playing the epic racing title? Excited for the new fixes? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GT Planet