Steam Makes Major Change In Offering Soundtrack Downloads

We all have a particular video game that we enjoy listening through the soundtrack. In fact, some soundtracks may be worth purchasing on their own or it may give an incentive for consumers to purchase a certain edition of the game that provides a copy of the soundtrack. Still, one thing is for sure, Valve’s Steam marketplace doesn’t handle soundtrack purchases very well. Or at least we can say they didn’t offer soundtrack purchases very well as Valve has unveiled a major update that will significantly change things around.

When it came to soundtracks on Steam, the only means of purchasing them was through DLC. That meant you required the base game to be installed as well. Likewise, the files would simply be dumped into the hard drive so there was a search element to find the audio tracks to enjoy. That’s no longer the model Valve will be using for Steam thanks to a new update.

Soundtracks going forward will no longer be considered DLC so consumers can purchase them separately from the video game itself. This update also allows Steam to store your music while offering basic functions such as playing the audio tracks right in Steam. For you audiophiles, there will be high-quality audio depots such as FLAC or WAV available if you have a preference of an audio specific format. 

This, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that all the previous soundtracks will be available for purchase separately. Instead, this is just for soundtracks going forward, though developers can make the switch individually to the past soundtracks featured on Steam.

Source: Steam