Whispering Hills Brings Silent Hill To Fallout 4

It’s baffling that we haven’t seen Silent Hill make a return yet. Ever since the cancellation of Silent Hills which was being fronted by Hideo Kojima, Konami has kept the IP dormant. However, with the success Capcom had when turning their Resident Evil franchise back into the survival-horror genre, there was hope that Konami would follow the trend with their much-beloved Silent Hill IP. 

We may not have anything official in the works quite yet but the fan base is bringing Silent Hill into other games that should give fans something to enjoy while we wait for Konami to make a move. The latest we’re finding out about is a Fallout 4 mod known as Whispering Hills. This mod adds in plenty of thick fog, sound effects, and familiar monsters. 

Featured in the underworld, you will find similar iconic Silent Hill monsters including adaptations of nurses, twin head screamers, mutated dogs and even a take on Pyramid Head. Within the mod, you will find a day and night cycle where you may be dragged into the Otherworld facing quite the grotesque set of creatures that lurk around in the fog. 

Released on October 16, 2019, the mod recently had a new update which the development group has labeled Whispering Hills 2 Definitive Edition. With the new update, players can tweak the different fog weather effects while the mod update also features a more seamless transition to the Otherworld. Furthermore, there will be a new selection of music that should hopefully avoid sounding repetitive. 

You can enjoy the Fallout 4 Whispering Hills mod right now though you will need a copy of Fallout 4 to enjoy it. For more information about Whispering Hills, you can reach the mod page right here. As for Fallout 4, the video game has been available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. 

Source: Moddb