Ninja’s First Shoe Collaboration Sells Out In Under An Hour

By now you all know who Ninja is. Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, is a massively popular video game streamer that is best known for his gamee stream of Epic Games IP Fortnite. With so many viewers tuning in each stream, Ninja’s popularity continues to blow up. As you’d suspect, his popularity has gained the ability to branch out and partner with other companies or brands. 

It was just last year that we got the surprising news from Ninja that he was moving away from Twitch and joining in a partnership with the competitor streaming platform Mixer. There were quite a few people in shock as Twitch is arguably the largest streaming platform available and it caters to both large and small content creators that wish to stream. However, we did learn that there was specific reasoning behind his move to Mixer.

According to his manager and wife, the reason behind his move was due to Twitch’s limitations on what he could do with his brand. With Twitch, there was a limited pathway Tyler could take the Ninja name. That’s when Mixer opened up the ability to really grow Ninja’s brand without getting in the way. One of his latest brand partnerships since the move was with the shoe company Adidas. Tyler Belvins crafted up a shoe design with his signature colors of blue and yellow with the phrase “Time In” and “Ninja” on the sides. 

Surprisingly, the shoes in adult sizes managed to sell out in just 40 minutes which really goes to show how popular Ninja is with fans around the world. One thing is for sure, it’s clear that the Ninja brand name still does incredibly well after the move away from Twitch.

Source: Twitter