Puma Announces Active Gaming Footwear, On Sale Now for About $105 USD

Puma has taken the gaming community by storm by announcing a new shoe, made in mind for “console games”. Yes, you heard that correctly, a new shoe made by Puma is aimed for console players.

I’m not sure what the shoe company was thinking, but here we are. Puma’s Active Gaming Footwear is currently available to purchase on the U.K. and Australia Puma site, where they retail for about $105 USD. The shoe is like a sock fitted shoe that will bring gamersa new luxury when playing a game? I don’t know to be honest.

Check out the official description of the shoe alongside its different “modes” down below:

Created with console gamers in mind, the gaming sock is the first edition Active Gaming Footwear. Designed for indoor and in-arena use, it delivers seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best.


  • Medial wrap-up grip in SEEK mode
  • Lateral wrap-up support in ATTACK mode
  • Heel wrap-up stability in CRUISE and DEFENSE mode

As I mentioned the Puma Active Gaming Footwear is now available to purchase on the UK and Australia website. If you want to make sure to secure a pair, click here.

What do you think about Puma’s gaming shoe? Is it necessary? Thinking about picking one up? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Puma