TGA 2019: Surgeon Simulator 2 Announced With Wacky Reveal Trailer

The Game Awards 2019 had tons of surprises and world reveal, including the official announcement of Surgeon Simulator 2. The game was announced in traditional Surgeon Simulator style, full of fun and wackiness. Watch it down below.

Surgeon Simulator 2 aims to amp up the antics and bring things to the next level in terms of gameplay. Gameplay seems to retain the same style but three other surgeons will be joining the fold making it a co-op experience. Presumably, you will have to work together to keep your patient alive, which sounds difficult, to say the least. The most noticeable difference seems to be the graphics heading in a different direction, a more cartoon-style art form, which we’re totally on board for.

Surgeon Simulator is a wacky sim title that throws players in scrubs and preps them to perform surgery. The only thing, the surgeries can be a bit wacky as you’ll run into all sorts of funny problems when operating.

Surgeon Simulator 2, does not have an official release date, but we do know it has a launch window of 2020, which is right around the corner. Let us know what your thoughts on this game are down below in the comments.

Source: Surgeon Simulator 2 Youtube