Believe it or Not, Alien Isolation Looks the Best on the Nintendo Switch

After being announced at E3 2019, Alien Isolation has finally landed on the Nintendo Switch and to everyone’s surprise is performing technically very well, even better than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Digital Foundry has released a new technical performance video for Alien Isolation on the Nintendo Switch and they have discovered that the game’s picture quality is actually better than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in docked mode. Shocker, right? When it comes to third party titles, the Nintendo Switch’s performances are limited due to it being a hybrid console. However, this isn’t the case for this release.

The game runs at 1080p on the Nintendo Switch although it dips below it at times, what makes it stand out is it is cleaner in motion and making it more appealing to the eye. This is due to a technology called modern accumulation temporal anti-aliasing, which is found only on the Switch version.

In addition, it is also detailed in the article that “Moving over to portable mode, Isolation excels here too. As you would hope, 720p is the target with minimum resolution coming in around 504p in worst-case scenarios but that does not happen often, and for the same reasons that Switch presents so well when docked, the same techniques work just fine in handheld mode too, with super-clean edges and minimal aliasing.” Essentially, Digital Foundry is stating Alien Isolation isn’t only performing well in docked mode, as it is running smoothly in handheld as well.

This is great news to hear that third-party titles are performing well on Nintendo Switch consoles because as mentioned above, it just usually isn’t the case.

Alien Isolation is currently available to purchase on Nintendo Switch consoles. What are your thoughts on this news? Does this come as a shock? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Digital Foundry