Rumor: Sleeping Dogs Tokyo Dreams Leaked by GameStop for PS4

GameStop appears to have leaked the name and launch date of the next Sleeping Dogs title, Sleeping Dogs: Tokyo Dreams which is headed to PS4 next summer according to a leaflet given to some players at midnight launches for the console last night according to Reddit.  

The original game was based in Hong Kong but it seems Square Enix are leaving China for Japan in the sequel if the leak turns out to be accurate.

With Yakuza games no longer being brought to the West this may be a move to fill the gap left in the market as a result – either way, if the game is truly being released next year we should hopefully have some kind of official announcement before too long.

One noticable thing about the leaflet is that even though they were handed out in some North America GameStop's the age rating uses the European PEGI system – the PS4 does not launch in Europe until November 29th so GameStop or other retailers might hand out more leaflets then about Tokyo Dreams

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games is known to be working on Triad Wars – which will be set in the Sleeping Dogs universe – so it's possible Square Enix has handed development of Tokyo Dreams to another studio. 

Whether or not the game is genuine is up to you. Pending additional verification, we'll suggest taking this one with a huge heaping of salt.