Watch the PlayStation 4’s Launch Trailer Here

Sony has released a 60 second PlayStation 4 launch trailer which showcases a number of exclusive titles for the platform including Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and DriveClub

There's also some multiplatform games shown in the video including Watch_Dogs. Sony is planning a special launch party in New York tonight at which new games will be announced.

The Last of Us' story DLC will also be revealed which has sparked some speculation the game may be leaping to next-gen, while Hideo Kojima has teased a "shocking" announcement for the console that will "blow your mind". 

There's also some reason to believe that Gears of War might be headed to Sony's console with an announcement possibly coming later today. 

Some viewers have spotted PaRappa the Rapper possibly suggesting something concerning the musical title will be revealed. 

The trailer includes the console's catch phrase, "This is for the players". 

The PS4 launches at midnight tonight in North America for $399 and on November 29th in Europe for €399/£349.