New PS4 Games Will be Announced Day Before Launch

The allure of shiny new hardware is difficult to deny. The PlayStation 4 is less than two weeks away from those living in North America, and while the lineup of software that will be available on day one isn’t all that impressive, plenty of people just want to see new hardware sitting underneath their massive HD TVs.

However, that doesn’t mean that a sizable suite of PS4 games aren’t coming down the 2014 pipes. Infamous: Second Son, DriveClub, and what seems like an endless supply of indie games are just around the corner for Sony’s biggest and best platform. And if that’s just not enough for you, the potential buyer, it’s also important to note that a Spike TV All Access event on Nov. 14 will produce some major news for the platform. Yes, that means new games.

That’s at least according to event host and GTTV main man, Geoff Keighley, who will be in front of the camera as the event is live streamed globally from New York City in the hours leading to the North American PS4 release date. Keighley confirmed the existence of new PS4 games via Twitter.

There will still be games to play Nov. 15, but if you haven’t yet been impressed by Sony’s offerings, this might just be the event you’ve been waiting for.